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During the hot summer months, it might be tempting to ditch the Reno fitness center membership and workout outdoors. After all, in Northern Nevada, we have a plethora of outdoor activities. And who doesn’t love going on a run, bike-ride, or hike outside? Before you skip the gym this summer, you may want to consider a few factors.

Here are our 5 Reasons for keeping a Reno fitness center membership this summer:

1. Try New Reno Fitness Center Classes

Fitness classes add a whole new level of accountability. When you’re working out in a group setting, you’re sure to complete the entire workout without taking extra breaks. From boot camps, to spinning, and yoga—there’s so many fun classes to try!

Check out our Reno fitness center class schedule for a full view of our upcoming classes.

2. Stay Out of the Sun

Let’s face it. Although the weather here is beautiful, the sun in Northern Nevada can really make outdoor workouts difficult. If you plan to workout mid-day, it may be best to stick to an air-conditioned gym where you can be protected from the heat and sun. It’s healthier for your mind and body to avoid the strong sun and dehydration.

3. Weight Machines and Cardio

Outdoor workouts are great, but to stay in top shape, you need to incorporate weights into your routine. A Reno fitness center membership can come in handy when it comes to sticking to a weight routine.

4. Easier to Stick to a Schedule

Having set days to go to the gym can be a lifesaver when it comes to sticking to your goals. While it may be easy to want to slack off outside, working out out at a Reno fitness center gives you a structured time to show up and therefore ups the accountability factor.

5. All of the Perks!

Need another reason to join a gym this summer? Think of the perks! Many gyms offer irresistible perks that you can’t find at a regular old park or hiking trail. Check out your gym’s website to see what they offer—you might be surprised at the benefits you can get with a monthly membership.

Here’s just a few of the perks Flex Appeal Reno fitness center offers year round:

  1. 24 Hour Member Access
  2. Group Training
  3. Amenities for Members
  4. Personal Training
  5. Full Protein Bar
  6. On-site Chiropractor and Massage Therapist

We know by now you are ready to get signed up for your free trial to Flex Appeal Reno fitness center to get ready for that upcoming beach trip. See you this summer!

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