Featured Athlete: Rachael Schryer - Bikini Competitor

Rachael Schryer – NPC Bikini Competitor

Native Nevadan

I was born and raised in Reno, NV and I love my hometown, all of my immediate family lives here and it really is the Biggest Little City. I grew up in competitive athletic family and played sports all throughout high school. Basketball as my main sport, then volleyball, and I eventually gave up volleyball to play golf my last 2 years. I also took weights class every year to stay in shape and keep my muscles strong, always pushing myself and really, wanting to keep up with the guys! After graduating high school from Damonte Ranch with an Advanced Diploma, Honors Diploma, and an in-house scholarship, I went onto TMCC to complete 2 years of college earning my Associates Degree in Science with a Biology Emphasis. I had always planned to continue my education in Colorado where I would pursue a Bachelor’s in Zoology, but life happened and I had other obligations to attend to. Not long after graduating TMCC, did I give birth to my amazing little girl, miss Paisley Jane, the light of my life. With pregnancy came body changes, hormonal changes, and just an overall transformation that I was not prepared for.

Starting the Journey

Since I had always been so athletic and fit, it was very hard to go through this process and about 2 years after having Paisley, I started my journey into becoming an NPC Bikini Competitor. It was really a journey that started out because of my own resentment towards my body image and my own insecurities, but through the process I have learned so much. It has taught me to love my body in every single stage of its journey, thick and thin, because every woman is beautiful. Bodies change, we get older, we get off track, it happens, but this is life. Becoming an NPC Bikini Athlete has been one of the hardest goals I’ve ever tried to reach. With the regimented diet, 4 or more days in the gym a week, working full time, and being a single mother, my goodness it’s tough! But I have not gotten to where I am without passion and drive behind what I do.
Best gym in Reno sponsors Bikini Competitor

Teaming up With Flex Appeal – the Best Gym in Reno

I signed up for a gym membership at Flex Appeal and started working with a personal trainer, which continued for about 4 months, but ended as I could not afford to keep up with the cost. I started working out by myself and using the techniques, skills, and knowledge that my trainer had taught me to ultimately teach myself and get things headed in the right direction. With the help of my brother, Zac Ukitis, I was able to stay on track with my diet plan. I watched as many YouTube Videos and Instagram videos as I could to gain knowledge on new exercises and improve my physique. With the help of the best gym in Reno, Flex Appeal sponsored me as an athlete to compete in my first ever NPC Competition, the 2017 Nevada State. I competed in bikini Novice (beginner) and open. I went up against 24 beautiful women in my Novice (beginner) class and placed 5th. I then went up against 6 beautiful women in my open class and placed 4th. For my first show, it was a success!!! It was definitely a humbling experience and I met some amazing women who worked just as hard or harder than I did to get up on that stage and present their package. Something about walking out on that stage and showing off what you’ve worked so hard to achieve is an amazing feeling.

Acting as a Role Model

I love being an athlete in the NPC because my work and my progress is a direct reflection of myself and how badly I want it. Well I can say I have the “bug” now… Flex Appeal Gym has been amazing in sponsoring me as an athlete and they have now provided me with a trainer, Lana Richie, in order to improve upon my physique. They truly are the best gym in Reno and have supported me throughout my progress! My next competition will be on August 26th for the 2017 Tahoe Show. I’m hoping to bring it and move up the ranks as I try to achieve my Pro Card. Being a strong, beautiful, independent woman who goes after her goals and never gives up is the role model I want to be for my daughter – and I’m making it happen!

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