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A massage is a powerful ally in your health care regimen. For some, a massage is a relaxing experience intended to help your body feel less stressed or tense. For others, like those who exercise seriously, massage therapy serves a much greater purpose. Not only do athletes depend on massage therapy to heal their bodies more quickly, but it also enhances their natural abilities to help them perform at their best. When you work with a Reno massage therapist following your workout, you’ll walk away feeling refreshed, revived, and relaxed.

If you’re wondering “how does massage therapy help those who exercise?” read more below about the benefits of Reno massage therapy services from Flex Appeal!

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Benefits of Reno Massage Therapy

The whole purpose of our Reno massage therapy service is to target the source of the body’s pain and provide relaxation to the muscles. There are multiple other benefits of massage therapy such as reducing swelling in joints, improving sleep, and boosting your immune system. Let’s take a look at what the benefits of a massage therapist can do for YOU!

Increases Flexibility

Massage helps increase one’s flexibility by increasing tissue elasticity. Your massage therapist is trained to apply the proper amount of pressure to your muscle fibres, elongating them for greater flexibility. Along with working the muscle fibres, a Reno massage therapist will also focus some attention on the connective tissues, tendons, joints, and ligaments surrounding the muscle to further improve flexibility and range of motion.

Prevents Injury and Aids in Recovery

Some of the most common exercise injuries are caused by a sudden or unusual movement that forces soft tissue to stretch beyond its limits. This often results in a sprained, strained, or pulled muscle which can then cause pain and discomfort for an extended period. Some athletes may even have to refrain from exercising altogether until the injury heals which can hinder growth and improvement in the gym.

Applying pressure to the affected areas has proven to aid in the recovery of injured athletes as well as prevent injury from occurring in the first place. At the very least, the pressure and movement applied by your massage therapist to your tendons and ligaments will alleviate some of the initial pain you feel. Massage therapy also helps prepare your muscles for your next workout. In conjunction with a warm-up routine or stretching session, massage will ensure your muscles are primed and flexible for a safer workout.

Enhances Performance

Athletes are constantly trying to push themselves to the next level. A person that exercises seriously is mostly focused on improving their ability to perform, always working towards doing something greater than before. If you’re like many other athletes trying to run faster, lift more weight, or jump further, then massage therapy can significantly help you reach your goals. Adding a massage to your training routine will give you a greater edge over the competition in several ways including:

Removing lactic acid from muscles allowing you to continue your workout regimen for longer periods of time
Increasing circulation for better blood flow and increased oxygen delivery to active muscles
Greater function of soft tissue necessary for maintaining healthy muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints.

Reduces Pain and Fatigue

Like any massage that works to reduce pain in your body, Reno massage therapy is intended to help your muscles feel better by eliminating pain and fatigue. Massage helps relax tense muscles, relieve stress and anxiety, and stimulates competing nerve fibres and impeding pain messages to and from the brain. This is the result of a reduction in cortisol, which is a stress hormone that can build up with extended periods of exercise. Massage will also increase your production of beta-endorphins in plasma, which also help reduce pain.

Fatigue is also reduced by massage therapy as it allows for better sleep and relaxation. Not only will your sleep quality improve, but you may also notice reduced depression and anxiety levels.

Provides Overall Immune Support

The immune system is responsible for fighting off illness and disease, which play a huge role in your body’s function. Reno massage therapy services also strengthen the body’s immune system and improve our ability to fight off disease. When the body is being treated to a massage, the blood is flowing better, toxins are being released, and when people are less stressed, they are less likely to feel ill.

Try Reno Massage Therapy with Flex Appeal

We all know that after a tiring and tough workout, our bodies need a break. We recommend that even if you are not feeling sore or drained after your workout, seeing a massage therapist would ensure that you don’t wake up the next morning hurting or feeling that soreness.

Connect with our 24 hour Reno gym today to set up a time to meet with Jaline Castell, our onsite Reno massage therapist. Her greatest goal is to help ease and rehabilitate each client through the use of clinical techniques of neuromuscular, myofascial release, and sports massage.

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