personal trainer renoDo you ever find yourself stagnant at the gym? Are you sometimes looking around wondering what to do next, but still want to keep going and accomplish your goals? If that’s you, maybe it’s time to consider hiring a Reno personal trainer. 

Benefits of a Reno Personal Trainer

There is some stigma that hiring a trainer isn’t necessary to achieve your goals when you can do so on your own, with an app, or access to the Internet. However, not everyone has to self motivation to workout like this.

Human Interaction & Motivation

Personal training offers an intimate connection that can motivate you to stay on track. There’s an added benefit of a legitimate human connection that an app cannot give you. Sometimes it’s easy to give yourself an excuse, but your trainer is there physically and mentally to keep you on track.


The trainers at Reno Flex Appeal have exceptional knowledge of fitness and personalized health plans and they can answer your specific questions and concerns. They can offer some great insight that you wouldn’t be able to get online. This can also reduce the chance of injury and ensure you are practicing proper posture for each workout.

Personalized Plan & Goals

When you first start training, your trainer will ask what your plan is and what you want to accomplish. Your trainer will help set up a personalized plan to get you to your goals. As you and your trainer get to know each other you can make adjustments. It’s important to be honest with your trainer because you want to keep your goals realistic.

How to Find the Right Trainer


There are a ton of personal trainers in Reno so a little research can help you narrow it down. Start by looking up trainers in the area and what type of training they offer. Also, feel free to contact Flex Appeal. We can point you in the right direction. 

Know Your Goals

It’s difficult to find a trainer if you don’t know your goals yet. Take some time to figure out what you want to do and how a trainer can help you. You will find the best fit if you can clearly communicate your goals, interests, concerns and personality. 

Premier Reno Personal Trainers

For those who have never worked with a personal trainer, we know it’s a big step and it can take some adjusting. When you’re looking for a trainer, remember there’s no rush so check out all your options before deciding on one. If you’re still needing some help, stop by Flex Appeal during your next workout or contact our membership services coordinator.

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