yoga fitness classes in reno, nv

Flex Appeal Gym has a great group of trainers and instructors who teach fitness classes in Reno on a weekly schedule. These classes can provide extra motivation and just a more exciting and social environment than working out on your own. Our fitness classes in Reno span a variety of workout types, skill levels and intensities!

If you’re feeling curious about a fitness class but want to know more about what to expect, get our benefit breakdown below.

This first blog will breakdown the benefits and other information to get you prepared for your first Yoga, Pilates, or Balance and Stability class. Other upcoming blogs in the series will delve into more of our cardio and higher-impact classes.


Pilates classes are a workout that focuses on building your strength and lean muscle tone, while also working on your flexibility. These classes tend to be slower-paced and focused on small, precise muscle movements.

The Benefits:

  • A workout all about improving your flexibility and balance while still working your core
  • Another low-impact class that ensures you get a great workout without the sore joints
  • Pilates can help with body awareness and body alignment, but plan on being sore after your class

What to Wear:

Even if you typically prefer looser-fitting workout clothes, Pilates is all about the details, and tighter-fitting clothing will help your instructor correct your movements.


Yoga classes center on one primary element – your breath. Most gym-goers find these classes to be relaxing and centering, as you learn to connect your body movements with a rhythmic breath pattern.

The Benefits:

  • Slow poses and transitions between each pose that allow you to stretch and focus on flexibility
  • These fitness classes are focused on centering and relaxing you, so they can make a great start or end to your day and can make you feel more connected to your body
  • Build lean muscle as you increase the difficulty of your poses, but you can custom-adapt the difficulty of your class to your individual needs
  • Develop better body awareness through the various yoga poses and breathing exercises

What to Wear:

Select some workout clothes that will stay in place and keep you covered throughout your yoga movements. As you move from one pose to another, you don’t want to be fidgeting with your clothing!

Flex Appeal offers both Pilates and Yoga fitness classes in Reno on an ongoing basis. If you’re interested in trying out the classes or looking for a new gym to call home, give us a try.

Flex Appeal memberships always start with a free trial – come try out the gym and see why our regulars love working out and taking fitness classes with us! Fill out the form online to get a downloadable free-trial pass. Simply bring this into the gym to try out Flex Appeal Reno.

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