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Join a gym during the summer months, and you can feel good about your body as well as receive amazing student discounts at Flex Appeal Reno fitness center.

Student Discounts

Flex Appeal offers month-to-month memberships for college students while they are on summer break that excludes a registration fee. In order to keep track of your workouts, stick to your gym routine and check in on Facebook and Perskville to increase your points.

Get Summer Body Ready

Many students go to the gym during the summer because they can focus on health and fitness which can in turn can create more motivation to work out. With the hot summer days come the stifling heat that can make being outdoors anything but enjoyable. On some days it can be hard to sit outside, let alone go for an intense run! There are ways to work around the heat and still have a butt-kicking workout. Summertime means eating slushies, popsicles, and ice cream to cool off along with sugary fruity drinks by the pool. By working out in the summer, you can enjoy these treats without stressing about your beach body.Flex Appeal Reno Gym

Premier Reno Fitness Center

Having a gym membership is an awesome excuse to beat the heat by working out in a place that you know will be air-conditioned. You know you’re going to want to avoid the hot weather from time to time, so why not make your inside time worth it and work out at Flex Appeal?  Don’t lose all the fitness and hard work you’ve acquired throughout the year. Join Flex Appeal to maintain your healthy and fit body. Good exercise can work wonders not only on your body but it can boost your self-confidence and mental health. Join Flex Appeal today as a student and save money and stay fit during the summer months. Call today at 775-852-3539.

Get the Flex Appeal Gym Student Discount

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