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With spring underway and the worst of the cold weather out of the way, many of us are preparing for the upcoming summer season and with that, swimsuit season! We all want to look our best during summer but being healthy and getting fit is more than just a number on the scale in one season. There are so many fun activities to do during the summer and you want to have as much energy as possible to enjoy them all. Getting in shape now will allow you to have the best summer yet all while feeling and looking your best! Check out these four tips to start preparing for that summer bod that will last!

  1.    Find your groove

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to working out and it is ultimately up to you on what routine to make. But the most important thing is to create a routine that works for you. You know your schedule the best and know whether working out in the mornings is more beneficial for you compared to night workouts. Some people prefer a more specific schedule while others can handle a more flexible exercise plan. You have a much higher chance sticking to your new routine if it fits your overall style.

  1.    Set goals for yourself

Having goals for yourself is the best way to motivate yourself to get to a certain place. Being healthy is a lifestyle that you continue forever, but creating a goal will help you see how your body works with change. The goal is completely up to you and should be more than simply stating a weight to reach by June 1st. Set small goals to reach your overall goal. That way you are making yourself more accountable by reaching for the lower rungs of the ladder first. Before you start working out get your measurements as well as your weight so by the end of the time you allotted you can see the change in your body beyond just a number on a scale. You should also try and set goals that have to do with endurance to see what you can handle from the beginning of your transformation until the date you have set.

  1.    Try strength-training

Many people think that getting fit just means losing weight, but there is so much more to working out than just that. Cardio is a great way to burn fat but building muscle should be equally important in your plan to get fit. Having a strong core, arms and legs will allow you to work out even longer and will essentially be healthier for your body overall.

  1.    Try out some new challenges

A fun way to test yourself is to start doing challenges. Flex Appeal also has great challenges offered if you prefer working out with more people in an outgoing environment. Whichever you choose, try mixing it up so you don’t get bored with the same work-out routine! Challenge yourself to push it a little more each time you do an exercise you are familiar with. If you don’t go beyond your comfort level, your body will get complacent and possibly plateau. Keep things mixed up for the best results! If you would like to learn more about ways to get fit before those bikinis fill the stores, don’t hesitate to reach out to our personal trainers who can help you achieve your goals in the amount of time you would like. Flex Appeal offers many classes to shake things up in your routine. Stop by today and explore your options!

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