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Massage therapy is proving to have many more advantages to your health than you may realize. Gone are the days when massages were just a luxury for those looking for some relaxation. And that’s not to say that a massage isn’t relaxing, but there are many other health benefits worth discussing. For most athletes, massages are an important part of their exercise plan since it not only helps ease tension on the muscles but also improves recovery post-workout. Serious and novice gym-goers alike should consider the advantages of a post-workout massage for several reasons. 

Flex Appeal is one of the few gyms in Reno that offer massage therapy. Our Reno massage therapist Kira Fuqua provides a variety of services ranging from assisted stretching to sports massage. Learn more about massage therapy below.    

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is performed by a licensed massage therapist. They are trained to manipulate the muscles and soft tissues of the body through touch to treat soreness, discomfort, stress, and injury. Typically, a massage therapist will use their hands, fingers, and elbows to manipulate the muscles, but in some cases the use of additional tools like rollers may be recommended. 

A massage is the most effective after a workout because it promotes relaxation and alleviates stress on the body. This helps enhance recovery post-workout and may improve general wellness like sleep, circulation, and immune function. 

Types of Massages

There are multiple types and styles of massage therapy, but the most common is the classical massage, also called the Swedish massage. This is used as the core of most massage training programs and many of its techniques support the basis of other massage styles. Some other types of massage include:

  • Sports Massage 
  • Clinical Massage
  • Shiatsu 
  • Deep Tissue  
  • Reflexology

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Does massage therapy help with muscle soreness?

Massage therapy’s most notable benefit is its ability to aid in post-workout recovery. Muscle soreness is common with exercise due to the stress it can put on the body. However, this is a good sign that you’re getting closer to your goal of being stronger and healthier. Massage therapy is often used to alleviate muscle soreness and decrease its effects on the body long term. While muscle soreness is relatively normal post-workout, pain that occurs during or immediately after a workout is not normal and should be addressed right away. 

Benefits of Massage Therapy

The use of massage therapy post-workout can help prevent pain and injury, improve circulation, mobility, and flexibility, and promotes relaxation and recovery. After a long and tiring workout, your body will be thankful to get a break from the tension exercise has on your muscles and joints. A massage therapist can provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced stress – The body experiences a physiological effect during a massage that helps reduce stress by releasing endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. 
  • Increased relaxation – Your body also experiences a physiological effect during a massage that increases the temperature of your soft tissues and releases hormones that help promote relaxation.
  • Improved circulation – The pressure from massage helps move blood through congested areas in the body which allows for better blood circulation.
  • Higher energy levels – As the body’s blood circulation improves and blood flow becomes regular, oxygen can be delivered to the body’s cells, making available energy.
  • Alleviate nerve and muscle pain – A massage helps stimulate nerve fibers and impedes pain messages coming to and from the brain.
  • Improved range of motion and flexibility – Massages loosen painful and tight muscles, tendons, and joints which can make it easier to move, stretch, and exercise.
  • Less risk of future injury – Some injuries are unavoidable, but a majority of exercise-related injuries could be avoided with continual massage therapy. It’s also proven to increase the body’s ability to heal itself. 

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Get to Know Reno Massage Therapist Kira Fuqua

Kira Fuqua is a licensed massage therapist at Flex Appeal in Reno, NV. She’s trained to aid in her clients’ recovery post-workout so that they feel good throughout their health journey. Kira’s massage therapist services are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 2 pm. To schedule an appointment with her, please text your name, date, and time request to 775.685.3322. Kira provides the following massage therapy services:

  • Assisted stretching
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Sports massage
  • Cupping 

We recommend that even if you are not feeling sore or drained after your workout, seeing one of our Reno massage therapists would ensure that you don’t wake up the next morning hurting or feeling that soreness. Who doesn’t want to leave their gym’s massage therapist feeling refreshed, revived, and less stressed? When you opt in to use our services, just know you are doing your body a favor by alleviating stress and promoting relaxation. To get the best massage Reno has to offer, connect with Flex Appeal today. 

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