Massage therapy has been around for centuries. It can assist with the release of stress and anxiety, helps with sleep quality, contributes to a reduction in fatigue, and has a positive correlation to improvement with concentration and energy. Many health care experts conclude that stress plays a heavy role in disease and aging. By eliminating tension and anxiety, stress levels can decrease significantly. We can target the source of the body’s pain and provide relaxation to the muscles, and even help with reducing swelling in joints. A massage is a powerful ally in your health care regimen!

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Benefits of a Massage

Research has shown that in relation to exercise and athletic participation, a massage can:

  • Improve Range of Motion/Flexibility
  • Improve Soft-Tissue Function
  • Increase Circulation
  • Reduce Pain
  • Improve Sleep
  • Reduce Muscle Tension
  • Help Athletes Monitor Muscle Tone
  • Promote Relaxation and Recovery
  • Decrease Muscle Stiffness and Fatigue After Exercise

A professional massage can help promote pain relief and stress reduction. We all know that after a tiring and tough workout, our bodies need a break. We recommend that even if you are not feeling sore or drained after your workout, seeing one of our Reno massage therapists would ensure that you don’t wake up the next morning hurting or feeling that soreness. Who doesn’t want to leave their gym’s massage therapist feeling refreshed, revived, and less stressed? Our Reno massage therapy services can also strengthen the body’s immune system. Massages improve our ability to fight off disease. When the body is being treated to a massage, the blood is flowing better, toxins are being released, and when people are less stressed, they are less likely to feel ill.

How Can Massage Therapy Assist With Workouts 

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Flex Appeal is excited to announce that our massage therapy service is back and we hope you are too! When you opt in to use our services, just know you are doing your body a favor by alleviating stress and promoting relaxation. To get the best massage Reno has to offer, fill out the contact form below.