coconut oil

Coconut oil seems to be all the rage these days, and not everyone knows the true benefits of it. It is not just a substitution for olive or canola oil in cooking. Coconut oil has many benefits and uses, many of which are good for your overall health. These benefits include skin care, hair care, helping your digestion, as well as building a stronger immunity against infections and diseases. Many of these benefits and uses you may not have been aware of or even thought possible.

The Health Benefits for Your Hair

Coconut oil is known for massively helping your hair, whether if it used to help with the growth or if you just want to make it look shinier. Your hair can often lose certain proteins that are important in keeping your hair healthy and looking its best, and coconut oil is effective in reducing this loss. When applied topically this oil can be used as a conditioner or as regular hair care oil. It also helps promote the regrowth of damaged hair by its ability to provide proteins used to nourish and heal the damaged parts. By massaging it into your scalp you will help eliminate dandruff since it is incredibly moisturizing! Don’t believe us? Try it out!

For Weight Loss

Coconut oil is extremely useful when it comes to weight loss. When used in cooking it can reduce abdominal obesity in women due to it containing short and medium-chain fatty acids that works to take off excess weight. Coconut oil also helps when you have digestive problems since it assists with the functions of your thyroid and endocrine system. This magical substance also increases your body’s metabolic rate because it removes stress on the pancreas. By doing this, it also burns more energy for the body, which in turn can helps you lose weight.

For Healing and Infections

Coconut oil can help with external infections on your body as it forms a chemical layer over the skin. This layer can protect your skin from any outside source that could harm it or make it worse. Not surprisingly, the oil can also help speed up the healing process and can even be put on bruises to help the damaged tissue underneath. Coconut oil is even so powerful that it can help to kill viruses that can potentially cause measles, influenza, hepatitis, SARS, and other serious health issues. Coconut oil can kill bacterias that can cause issues such as UTIs, pneumonia, ulcers, throat infections, and more.

Other major uses and benefits of coconut oil include helping your kidneys, pancreas, diabetes, bones, Alzheimer’s, and can even reduce chances for getting cancer. There are so many uses and benefits to using coconut oil that the possibilities are endless! Plus, you can buy coconut oil nearly everywhere you go; almost all grocery stores carry it. It is important to remember that it has a higher melting point than that of most other oils and is in a solid state, so make sure you don’t refrigerate it!

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