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HIIT has been all over lately and very current at gyms as well as online. You may have heard about HIIT workouts but are still unsure as to what exactly they are and if it is right for you. Since HIIT has become very popular recently there has been quite a bit of a craze around it and for good reason. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is great for those that don’t have a full hour to work out a day—or even a full 30 minutes. HIIT workouts are designed to burn a high amount of calories in a short amount of time due to its quick and intense bursts of exercise design. Come check out some reasons why you should join the hype!

Why Do HIIT Workouts?

It sounds pretty good, right? Burn fat quicker in a smaller amount of time is what we all want, but notice that the first two letters of HIIT stand for High Intensity. The only way to burn so many calories is by really giving it your all into the interval workout. But, only having to have an intense and sweaty workout for 30 minutes is much better than an hour-long workout! Also, studies have shown that shorter but more intense workouts are better for you than longer workouts with minimal effort.

How HIIT Works

The major benefit of HIIT is that it involves maximum effort to receive a higher heart rate. You push yourself as much as you can to reach a high heart rate then go to a recovery period to rest your heart rate, and then start again until the 30-minute workout is over. Having your heart rate go from high to low is what is actually burning all of the calories and allowing you to lose the most weight. The back and forth of your heart rate also helps create a faster metabolism, which then allows you to lose weight. This is where HIIT differs from regular interval workouts and training.

Benefits of HIIT

Some of the best benefits of HIIT include helping you build lean muscle while dropping fat, helps you burn more calories while at rest, improves your endurance, helps to relieve stress and one of the best parts is that you can do HIIT workouts from anywhere! There is no required equipment to complete HIIT workouts so don’t have an excuse to not workout. YouTube has an abundance of HIIT videos that you can do at home, at work or outside. This also combats against boredom when it comes to working out so that you aren’t doing the same workout every day. If you hadn’t known any of what HIIT was or just didn’t know of the many benefits of HIIT then we hope this helped you find a new and fun way to workout. HIIT not only has many great benefits like not needing equipment and being able to work out quick, but it could also challenge you to try something new.


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