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There are a million lousy excuses not to go to the gym but not one good reason. Not even the one I heard the other day, “I can’t go to the gym because none of my old workout clothes fit.” Whether your life, your health, your appearance, or your wardrobe depends on it, a consistent visit to the gym solves a multitude of issues that affect your life and lifestyle. In order to pound it securely into our brains, with the expectation that our hearts and bodies will follow, let’s take a closer look at the reasons why gyms were invented.

Benefits of the Gym

Going to the gym keeps you from feeling utterly worthless. The simple act of getting up and doing something that you know will be an improvement on your existing life as a couch potato is soul satisfying. You feel a sense of accomplishment just finding the front door of the gym. Over time, as you see and feel your mental and physical state improve. You will be limber enough to constantly pat yourself on the back without breaking your arm. Going to the gym is a great excuse for ditching your sedentary friends. Changing your lifestyle by incorporating a good gym workout has great social benefits. The easiest way to break away from the old gang is to get some new scenery. By suggesting to your little group of moribund chums that you all should start meeting at your spin class is a great way to create separation from those that are holding you back from creating the new you surrounded by other new yous. Going to the gym will keep me from being crushed to death under my own weight as I lie asleep. If you work out on a regular basis you will be healthier. You may eventually die from something strange, like getting hit by lightning, but in all likelihood your regular time at the gym will not only keep you fit, it will add years to your life. Your days in the gym will decrease your stress, which not only makes you more bearable to be around, but it will also protect you from the evils of stress induced cortisol. There is no good reason not to go to the gym.

Sign Up for a Gym Membership

Perhaps the best reason is that you have been given one body and one lifetime to make it everything that it was made to be. Don’t you dare sit around and think about that. Call Flex Appeal at 775-852-3539 and sign up for a free pass to the best Reno fitness center in the area.

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