There are a million lousy excuses not to go to the gym. We haven’t heard a good one yet! For instance, “I can’t go to the gym because none of my old workout clothes fit” is clever, but ultimately a barrier to building a better version of oneself. Flex Appeal Fitness Center Reno wants to knock those barriers down! Whether your health, your appearance, or your wardrobe depends on it, a consistent visit to the gym helps with a variety of issues that affect your life. In order to pound it securely into our brains, with the expectation that our hearts and bodies will follow, let’s take a closer look at the reasons why gyms were invented, and how you can benefit from regular visits to our Reno fitness center.

Improve Mental Health & Relationships

It’s an accomplishment just to find the front door of a gym. Going regularly will drastically uplift your self-worth. The simple act of getting up and doing something that you know will be an improvement on your existing life satisfies the soul and puts your mind at ease. Over time, you will see and feel your mental and physical state improve. And as a bonus, you’ll be limber enough to constantly pat yourself on the back without breaking your arm. Your days in the gym will decrease stress, which not only makes you more bearable to be around, but it will also protect you from the evils of stress-induced cortisol.

Changing your lifestyle by incorporating a good gym workout has great social benefits too. The easiest way to break away from friends or coworkers bringing you down is to surround yourself with some new scenery. It’s likely you’ll make friends at the gym, as the people next to you on the squat rack or bench press are also actively working towards better versions of themselves, just like you! You’ll have a lot in common with other gym-goers just by showing up. And your relationship at home? Exercise is proven to result in better connection and attraction among individuals. So skip the flowers that will die in a week, and spend a week at one of the best 24 hour fitness centers in the area instead.

Helps With Weight Loss, Muscle Tone, and Skin Health

Going to the gym keeps you from being crushed to death under your own weight as you lie asleep. You may eventually die from something strange, like getting hit by lightning, but in all likelihood your regular time at the gym will not only keep you fit, it will add years to your life. Not only that, your skin, muscles, and weight will be in a better state in your old age.

Whether you’re on the spin machine, treadmill, or partaking in another cardio exercise, staying active leads to healthier circulation, which means clearer skin. But it goes deeper than that. Working your muscles increases oxygen supply, which in-turn, allows them to work harder. With regular cardio exercise, muscles adapt to this increased workload, allowing you to tackle regular activities with greater ease. This all culminates to weight loss. When you’re spending less time sitting and more time racking up gym hours, you burn calories and hone in an optimal BMI for your unique body type.

Reduce Risk of Disease and Chronic Conditions

If you’re young, you probably haven’t given much thought to what shape your body will be in as you reach middle age and beyond. For others, living with a chronic condition is a very real part of life. Whether you currently experience a chronic condition, or want to take steps to reduce the risk of developing one, exercise can be a significant deterrent.

Let’s start with heart disease. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce effects of high blood pressure and lower the risk of the disease progressing. Asthma sufferers who regularly exercise are able to control and reduce the frequency of severe attacks. Those who experience chronic back pain can strengthen the muscles surrounding problem areas to alleviate long term symptoms. Exercise can also lower the risk of dying from breast, colorectal and prostate cancer. And those with dementia in their family can especially benefit from exercise, as it’s been shown to improve cognition and lessen the risk of developing the disease in old age. The list goes on, and paints a clear picture of the importance of gym visits.


Once you secure your membership to Flex Appeal, one of the premier health clubs in Reno NV, you are going to have questions. We’re happy to help by providing on-site staff during peak hours, but here are some FAQ and answers to get you started:

Importance of Gym

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Perhaps the best reason to regularly work out is that you have been given one body and one lifetime. Make the most of them! Call Flex Appeal at 775-852-3539 and sign up for a free trial to the best gym South Reno has to offer.

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