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Flex Appeal Reno
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The Best 24 Hour South Reno Fitness Center

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Local Owned | Free Classes | Premium Equipment

Flex Appeal
Fitness Center

The Best 24 Hour South Reno Fitness Center

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We offer three great membership options, 12 Month Contract, Month to Month, and Paid in Full. Pick the membership type that works best for your lifestyle.
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Work Towards a Healthier You

Reno Health Club

In addition with our standard Flex Appeal services, we offer our Health Club services to help keep our members happy and healthier.


See how the Principles of Neural Science can help solve many common physiological ailments. Schedule your adjustment with our in-house certified Reno chiropractor.
Our Chiropractor


If you're in need of a way to measure your body composition to reach your personalized fitness goals, come try the only InBody 270 machine in South Reno. This machine is designed to give you accurate measurements beyond muscle and fat composition. The InBody 270 is available to members and non-members for a selected price.


We have certified personal trainers who help members stay committed to their fitness goals by working with them to develop a personalized fitness program for weight loss or management. Schedule a consultation with the best personal trainer Reno has to offer and start making the most of your workouts!

let our trainers EQUIP & INSPIRE YOU

Flex Appeal Services

Along with our Health Club services we also offer 24 hour gym access and FREE group classes.

24 hour gym access

As a member of our Damonte Ranch fitness center, you can enjoy your gym time... ANY TIME! It’s the best kind of happy hour. Members have access to our 24 hr gym with our scan-in system.

Free Group Fitness classes

We also offer group fitness classes FREE with your membership! Some of these classes include Yoga and Functional Fitness

Our Story

Flex Appeal is an upscale South Reno fitness center whose goal is to be a recognized leader in the industry and one of the best gyms in South Reno, with the interest of expanding to multiple locations. Our goal is to provide a luxury gym experience with advanced equipment including free weights and machines, along with curating an environment that pushes you to be your best self. This is what you can expect when you step foot into Flex Appeal:
Clean Fitness Environment and Personal Locker Rooms
Comfortable Setting During Workouts
Quality Customer Service
Training Programs by Certified Personal Trainers
Available Facilities & State-of-the-Art Equipment
Group Fitness Classes
Chiropractic Care


Member Testimonials

  • Knowledgeable staff, super clean facility and friendly customers who didn't make me feel out of place! I will keep coming back
    Steffanie H.
  • My new jam! Followed my friends here and am not disappointed! Clean, great location, super friendly, knowledgeable staff, and great vibe!
    Trinette B.
  • Excellent Staff, Very Clean facility, great machines for all your workout needs. They also have massage therapy and chiropractic services during business hours.
    Aubree P.

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Flex Appeal Fitness Membership Benefits

Today, most people are aware of just how important a comprehensive regimen for physical fitness is to their health and wellbeing. In an attempt to either lose weight, add on some extra muscle, or simply improve energy levels, plenty of people are beginning to look into the benefits that gyms offer. Flex Appeal Services 24 […]

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Redefining Fitness in Reno, NV using Expert Personal Trainers

Are you searching for a new approach to fitness? You may want an expert gym personal trainer. Let us introduce you to Flex Appeal in Reno, NV. Flex Appeal provides a comprehensive approach to fitness, equipped with professional personal trainers, premium equipment, and a range of amenities to help you achieve your goals. The Power of […]

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24 hour membership access
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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