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  • Best 24 Hour South Reno Fitness Center
  • Locally Owned
  • Free Classes
  • Competitive Rates
  • Chiropractor on Staff
  • Massage Therapist in House
  • Premium Equipment
  • Protein Bar

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See how the Principles of Neural Science can help solve many common physiological ailments. Schedule your adjustment with our in-house certified Reno chiropractor.

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Personal Trainer

We have certified personal trainers who help members stay committed to their fitness goals by working with them to develop a personalized fitness program for weight loss or management. Schedule a consultation with the best personal trainer Reno has to offer and start making the most of your workouts!

Massage Therapist Reno Best Gym

Massage Therapist

Not many gyms and health clubs in Reno, NV have a massage center. See how our massage therapy services can help your overall health and improve your lifestyle. Schedule a massage with our certified massage therapists.

InBody 270 Machine Reno Best Gym

InBody 270 Machine

If you're in need of a way to measure your body composition to reach your personalized fitness goals, come try the only InBody 270 machine in South Reno. This machine is designed to give you accurate measurements beyond muscle and fat composition. The InBody 270 is available to members and non-members for a selected price.

Flex Appeal Services

Let Our Trainers & Equipment Inspire You

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24 Hour Gym Access

As a member of our Damonte Ranch fitness center, you can enjoy your gym time... ANY TIME! It’s the best kind of happy hour. Members have access to our 24 hr gym with our scan-in system.

Chiropractor Reno


Chiropractic care can help balance your body. Our fitness center has an in-house Reno chiropractor who you can see for a consultation, an alignment, or ongoing care.

Massage Therapy Reno

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy services can help reduce your stress and anxiety. Rejuvenate and relax your body with our Reno massage therapy services before or after your workouts!

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Personal Training

Flex Appeal has certified personal trainers who are there to push you and get you to the next level. Schedule a consultation with the best personal trainers in Reno to accomplish your goals.

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Group Training Programs

We also offer group fitness classes FREE with your membership! Some of these classes include Zumba, yoga, spin, pilates, and TRX.

Flex Appeal Membership

Protein Bars & Supplements

Enjoy a pre-workout or post-workout protein smoothie during staffed hours. Our fitness center in Reno provides a wide array of supplements to help increase your gains!

See why more people choose Flex Appeal over other fitness centers in Reno. Our professionalism, hassle-free services, and quality facility keep our members excited and inspired every time they walk into our Reno fitness center.

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Our Story

Flex Appeal is an upscale South Reno fitness center whose goal is to be a recognized leader in the industry and one of the best gyms in South Reno, with the interest of expanding to multiple locations. Our goal is to provide a luxury gym experience with advanced equipment including free weights and machines, along with curating an environment that pushes you to be your best self. This is what you can expect when you step foot into Flex Appeal:

"The Best Kind of Happy Hour"
  • clean fitness environment and locker rooms
  • comfortable setting during workouts
  • quality customer service
  • training programs by certified personal trainers
  • available facilities & state-of-the-art equipment
  • group fitness classes
  • chiropractic care
  • massage therapy done by certified professionals
  • sale of supplements
  • a fully stocked protein bar

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Join one of the best South Reno gyms with membership options to fit what you're looking for. Stop in today to speak to a staff member about joining the club!


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