A 4 round interval sequence that's guaranteed to get your heart pumping and your body sweating! Carlos guides you through 4 different exercises 4 times in a 25 second work period. Time flies by with an amazing playlist and high energy of the instructor and class! Taught by Carlos Mendoza.

Phone #: 775.303.7875 || Email: carlos0201@icloud.com

A fast-paced cycling class that will torch calories and knock out your cardio for the day! Elise uses strategic timed intervals to challenge you and build your endurance. Taught by Elise Humphries.

Love to dance? Zumba with Christy will get your body moving! A combination of latin and international music paired with fun choreography makes Zumba at Flex Appeal where the parties at! Taught by Christy Weinberg.

Phone #: 775.745.1668 || Email: vyrus@tacticaldancer.com